To purchase from Best Price stores, both online and in-store, it is mandatory to become a member. To become a member, you can register online here or visit our membership desk, conveniently located at the store entrance. You can also get in touch with our Member Support Center at +91-120-487-8888 or visit our B2B E-Commerce website,

Key requirements to become a Best Price Member:

• Valid business licenses issued by the Central, State or Local Governments

• Membership can also be granted to institutions such as offices, hospitals, schools, societies, public trusts, etc. basis their valid business licenses for their self-consumption

• The Best Price membership form is to be filled, signed and submitted at your nearest Store Membership Desk, online at or by sending an email to our
Member Support Center

• An undertaking/declaration agreeing to the use of merchandise for business / commercial / institutional purposes of the member and not for personal consumption, is to be signed or uploaded

Validity of Memberships

A membership is valid till the business license provided remains valid. Post the expiry of the membership, a member cannot purchase from any of our stores/ website, unless the renewed valid license document is submitted. Membership is terminated in case any of the submitted documents is found invalid.