In 2011, Walmart launched our global Women’s Econonomic Empowerment training program to contribute to improving the lives of underserved women around the world. We’re taking a leadership role in providing opportunity for these women because we know it promotes economic growth and better lives for their families. In India, our training initiative focused on supporting women in agriculture, factories and the retail sector.

Women in Factories Program
The Women in Factories Training Program exceeded the goal to train 60,000 women in 150 factories by training more than 131,401 women in 181 factories. Of these women, more than 15,000 have received advanced training. Women have been supported in factory training in India, Bangladesh, China, El Salvador and Honduras.

The program helped created a curriculum to deliver support to women in factories at scale. In addition to the women who received training, male workers and male factory workers also received training through the program. Including men, the program has delivered training to 196,932 individuals across the four geographies to date. The program teaches critical life skills related to communication, hygiene, reproductive health, occupational health and safety, identifying personal strengths and gender sensitivity.

In addition to the training, the Walmart Foundation funded Tufts University to conduct research during the program to better understand the impacts of the program.

SWASTI is the implementing partner in India and completed the program in 34 factories and trained more than 21,000 women across three states in India -- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Watch how women from Swasti Health Catalyst are gaining knowledge and life skills from the training offered in the Women in Factories program:

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