Walmart has an ongoing commitment to empowering women around the world and helping Women-owned Businesses (WOBs) succeed and grow. More importantly, Walmart aims to develop the supplier base for sustainable sourcing from WOBs through unique market-driven solutions by using a selection of global and local tools and resources. Strategies are tailored by market and Walmart works with a variety of organizations to identify WOBs.

Besides, Walmart establishes baselines, assesses the types of WOBs in its supplier base, seeks to understand the common challenges for buyers and suppliers, and fosters solutions that help bridge these challenges while keeping the business goals and local culture in mind.

Women Entrepreneurship Development Program
Walmart launched a unique program in April 2016 -- Women Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP) in India to build a pipeline of robust businesses for the industry at large. In partnership with Vrutti and WEConnect International, the first edition of WEDP was started with 32 selected WOBs in the first batch. In its second edition, 61 women owned businesses underwent training to enhance professional and soft skills to help strengthen their businesses.

A flagship program now, WOBs under WEDP undergo capacity building training, mentoring and technical support customized to the needs of their businesses. This initiative is designed to help women entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of business growth and help make them more competitive and resilient in today’s dynamic business environment.

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