About Us

Our Stores

Each Best Price Modern Wholesale store spans over 50,000 square feet offering over 95% locally sourced items.


A typical Best Price cash-and-carry store spans over 50,000 square feet offering more than 5,000 items across product categories such as:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (Food & Non Food)
  • General Merchandise
  • Household Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Fresh (Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Mutton, Fish)
  • Dairy (Milk and Milk Products)

Many more other products are also available under one roof, at everyday low and transparent prices to business members, allowing retailers and business owners to lower their cost of operations and maximize their revenues. Over 90-95% of these products are sourced locally. This helps to keep costs to a minimum, adds to the growth of local economy and creates job opportunities. Enhanced job opportunities are also created locally as the store directly employs from the local community.

Our Brands

Best Price stores have a dedicated Private Label program to meet the unique needs of resellers ('Kirana stores'), offices and institutions, hotels, restaurants and caterers.

This program has been designed after in-depth and meticulous research on the demographic structure of our country and its unique needs, demands and aspirations of various business segments. 

The Private Label program offerings strengthen the assortment of 'kiranas’ and small businesses to compete with modern retail. The price structure allows profitability to the members, which allows them to pass on the price savings to the end-customers, thereby helping them to save money and live better. 

Private label products are sourced in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements (conformance to ethical, social and environmental norms, quality, food safety, and packaging). A dedicated team ensures that all the products are rigorously tested for quality and adherence to the highest standards before they are sold at our stores. As products for Private Label are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers in the SME category, it helps boost the local economy and strengthen the company’s supply chain.  

Best Price offers two exclusive private brands:  Right Buy and Member's Mark. These brands are exclusively available at all 27 Best Price stores. The brand promise of the two brands is “High on Quality, big on Savings.” 

Right Buy: This is an opening price point brand that offers quality products at low prices. The brand offers a promise of “Pay less, Save more” enabling members to enhance their profits. It offers products across food, grocery, cleaning aids and more. Some of the best selling products are bath towels, hand towels, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, floor cleaners, cornflakes, variety of pulses, papad, spices, sugar, salt, Assam blend CTC tea leaves, cookies, mustard oil, pet bottles, toothbrush, paper ream, pen, pencil, files and match boxes.

Member’s Mark: The brand that stands for “Selected for quality” offers high levels of quality equivalent to the leading brands, but at very competitive prices. These products employ strictest test standards to ensure high levels of quality. Products include frozen mixed vegetables, frozen green peas, drinking water, danedar ghee, vacuum pack dry fruits, sulphurless sugar, fruit drink variants in apple, orange, mango, guava, mixed fruit juices, CFL light bulbs, executive chairs and apparel/home collection.

All Private Brand suppliers, please refer to the Expectations Guide by clicking here.